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For a dentist with so many accolades, you might not expect that you’ll find Dr. Stone tucked away in a cozy little office in Irvine. He cares not for fame or the luxury of a large practice suite at the top of a stylish mega tower. Dr. Stone thinks about how his talents can change the lives of his patients. You are the center of his cosmetic dentistry universe.

The Dentist As The Artist
Dr. Stone has helped patients change their smiles for more than forty years. He is a multiple-time international smile gallery award winner. His expertise in smile design, crown and bridge reconstruction, cosmetic makeovers, instant orthodontics, tooth whitening, and non-surgical face rejuvenation with the use of intraoral cameras, lasers, and computer imaging is apparent in every patient’s smile and life that he changes.

The Artist As The Dentist
As an artist, Dr. Stone is an acclaimed sculptor and digital painter. The creative synergy of his dentistry and artistry has benefitted so many patients in achieving a gorgeous smile that has made them look more youthful and encouraged them to feel more confident and self-assured.

If Nature Did Not bestow A Beautiful Smile Upon You, Dr. Stone Can Change Your Life. A gorgeous, symmetrical, and glistening smile will always transmit a positive first impression.

Have your smile made beautiful in Irvine, CA by Dr. Stone, the renowned cosmetic dentist and artist.

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